Some Sunny Suggestions

As we become totally ensconced in summer(my least favorite season), the heat and humidity threaten to turn my brain into a soggy mess. Just the short trek from front door to van is uncomfortable. It must be very confusing for our cold/hot sensors – back and forth between cool A/C to humid heat. It is up to the nerves to tell the brain to maintain the body’s 98.6-degree temperature. Think about the stress that causes, an unending roller coaster ride: House, outside, car, outside, store, outside, pool…A pool or other body of water is probably the best place to immerse yourself in up to the chin, if you cannot stay inside for any length of time. Shade is good, if you can find a substantial amount. Palm trees and Italian cypress trees are hardly better than telephone poles.

Yesterday, while I was driving down to pick up Lizzie (9-year-old granddaughter), I thought of the tortuous summer sun and how it could be better regulated. My favorite and most sensible idea is to install transition windows/windshields in all vehicles sold in the south. I hate driving into the morning or evening sun; the glare is obnoxious and dangerous. Also, not everyone has a garage or carport and a vehicle can get very hot as the summer sun beats down upon it, rendering it an oven. Summer road trips would be ever so much more pleasant…Heck, they would be a practical idea for home windows. 

Second:  Solar-powered vehicles and buildings should be standard in the south. What a waste, otherwise!!!

Third:  Build several-storied, covered garages at all shopping centers and malls. Expensive to build initially, it would entice nonetheless more people to shop in the heat. Also, if home is more than 10 minutes away, buying refrigerated food is a tricky business. Putting groceries into a hot car is like gambling – will something melt on the way home? Will a train or accident prolong the time from store to freezer/refrigerator?

Fourth:  Resistant to the transition windshield? How about all cars having a built-in cover, operating the same way as a convertible top. Park and push a convenient button. Whalah! Only these covers would sit a few inches above the roof for ventilation, allowing the heat to escape. The cover also could be treated with the same application that is put on mobile home roofs to repel the sun rays.

Fifth:  Start an algae farm. Algae grows fast and can be harvested for its hydrogen, which can be used in fuel cells. Fuel cells using hydrogen to power vehicles and homes emit – drumroll, please – water! What a grand idea!

That’s all my frazzled brain can manage in the heat…


About Cyranette

I have been writing since I was 11 and am now a grandmother of 9. Aside from my family, I love writing, reading, movies, gardening, genealogy, and travel. I met my soulmate online and we've been married 19 years. I am a survivor of rape, abuse, and cancer. I believe in love, kindness, and common sense. I was born/raised in Indiana and have lived in Massachusetts, Texas, and California. I have visited: most of the United States, British Columbia, Germany, Austria, and Costa Rica. My husband and I would like to visit England, Europe, and New Zealand and to take a train ride along the Canadian/American border. I have written essays, articles, short stories, a romance novel, a self-help book, and several children's books.
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