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Along the Highway

The two-hour drive between San Antonio and Corpus Christi on I-37 is incredibly boring, mostly ranch or farm land with few trees, a handful of gas stops/rest areas, and a smattering of houses. This particular stretch of highway has been an unvarying part of every trip … Continue reading

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Winter Calls for Soup

There’s nothing like a steaming bowl of soup on a cold winter’s day:  cheesy potato soup, chili, tortilla soup, navy bean soup, butternut squash soup, etc. It warms you inside and out. Served with crackers, crispy strips, or cornbread, soup … Continue reading

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Interesting Things

A very pretty bird-song greeted me this morning. One I don’t remember hearing before. It was multi-toned. Unlike the usual two or three notes that bring a stem of two or three cherries to mind, this one sounded like a bunch of … Continue reading

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“Sanctum,” “The Eagle,” and “Unknown”

“Sanctum” – It was okay, but not worth the extra bucks for 3-D. I suppose someone has to explore and map places around the world no one knows about just to get it mapped, but putting oneself in harm’s way, … Continue reading

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Straying from the Norm

While my mother reads nothing but Regency romances, I prefer murder mysteries. Occasionally I read a bestseller or a novel recommended by a friend or Oprah, but lately I have inadvertently chosen woman’s books. I seem to be straying from the … Continue reading

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Above and Beyond: A Dog Experience

Did you happen to watch the Westminster Dog Show last week? We usually make a point to watch it every year, but this year we only caught the second and last day, Tuesday, which was okay because we really like the sporting and working … Continue reading

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Dog on the Loose

Yesterday afternoon the doorbell rang. I opened the door to find two young girls and a large, panting dog. The taller girl, who held the leather leash, wanted to know if the animal belonged to us. The smaller girl, who had a small bike, said … Continue reading

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