Here Comes the Sun

*Here we are springing forward again into daylight saving (not savings) time – bah, humbug! At least this year, many school children have this week off for spring break and can better adjust to the hour change. However, working moms will have to wake their babies and toddlers up an hour earlier tomorrow in order to get to work on time. What a bunch of BS! (Here is a little history: .) My bottom line is always about the children, the millions of children who are adversely affected by DST.

*As if on cue, the sun just broke through the clouds and rain that have been in our area since Thursday. I can see some blue peeking through, too. It’s going to be a bee-u-tee-ful day! Unfortunately, the ground is saturated and puddly so there won’t be any gardening. Mud is yucky.

*Danny’s post-stroke diet entails no fat, no sugar, and low sodium. I brought home four cookbooks from the library and picked out all the ones that would work. When we went to Olive Garden the other night and asked about their ingredients, they gave us a pamphlet with a nutrition chart (like labels on food packages) for their menu items. Wow, they use a ton of salt in almost everything! My favorite, chicken parmesan, had 3300 mg of sodium, so I chose the tilapia and vegetables. Danny had toasted beef and pork ravioli with marinara sauce on the side for dipping…BTW: He’s lost twelve pounds on his new diet, while I’ve only lost two. Go figure! As for his blood sugar levels, exercising has made a more dramatic decrease than cutting out sugar.


About Cyranette

I have been writing since I was 11 and am now a grandmother of 9. Aside from my family, I love writing, reading, movies, gardening, genealogy, and travel. I met my soulmate online and we've been married 19 years. I am a survivor of rape, abuse, and cancer. I believe in love, kindness, and common sense. I was born/raised in Indiana and have lived in Massachusetts, Texas, and California. I have visited: most of the United States, British Columbia, Germany, Austria, and Costa Rica. My husband and I would like to visit England, Europe, and New Zealand and to take a train ride along the Canadian/American border. I have written essays, articles, short stories, a romance novel, a self-help book, and several children's books.
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6 Responses to Here Comes the Sun

  1. wartica says:

    Good for you on choosing the healthier option; when I used to go out to eat, I would always tell myself : I will eat healthy, I will eat healthy! Two seconds of being there, that thought process went right out the window:( Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:)) Great post and I look forward to sharing more with you:))


    • Cyranette says:

      Thank you for your comment wartica. It’s a shame scientists can’t make broccoli taste like doughnuts, although I’m not sure I would eat something so chemically altered. Retraining the brain and tastebuds is not easy.


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