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Odd Golfing Day

Wednesdays are usually golf days with Dad, but we had to change it to today. This morning I awoke to grayness and my sinuses being attacked by a lowering barometric pressure. I hadn’t slept well to begin with and the stupid arthritis in … Continue reading

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“Doc Martin”

Of an evening, whenever our favorite network/cable shows end their short seasons, we turn to Netflix. Currently, we cannot get enough of Britain’s “Doc Martin,” a comedy/drama series that began in 2004. At this time, Netflix only offers the first 31 of 38 episodes and, … Continue reading

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“Men in Black III”

Just got back from seeing “Men in Black III” with Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones, Emma Thompson, and Josh Brolin. Excellent sequel! Two thumbs up! New grossness, different plot mechanism. Fun and funny and thrilling in all the right spots with … Continue reading

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Tomato Dilemma, Plan 2

Okay, okay, okay – so perhaps I’m fighting a losing battle, but I have to try…Yesterday I told you about the tomato plant moat. Well, here is an update…I went to Lowe’s and bought some 14′ x 14′ bird netting, along with more stakes. The … Continue reading

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Squash Medley

There are many varieties of squash and several ways to cook them. While winter is a good time to bake acorn and butternut squash, summer is a good time for short-cooking smaller squashes. Summer squashes contain vitamin C, beta-carotene, folate, and … Continue reading

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Empty Nest

Last week, one of my sisters brought to my attention that we had a nest in the hanging pothos plant on the front porch. I instantly wondered if I had unknowingly doused them, when watering the plant in the previous weeks. Yesterday, … Continue reading

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Our Dapper Grandson

Benjamin, now 8-years-old, was born to boogie and continues to hone his dance moves. Ben loves drawing, reading, school, Legos, and music and has an endearing smile and quick wit. He also enjoys super-hero costumes and spiffing up, even on regular school days, which no … Continue reading

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