Tell Me Why II

Please tell me why…

…I keep questioning what I see, hear, and read?

…we can’t get rid of the Taliban once and for all?

…a gloomy day makes me lazy?

…network and cable channels put equally entertaining shows on at the same time?

…some people can’t see past the end of their noses?

…cell phones can’t stay charged longer?

…it doesn’t pay to get too far ahead of yourself?

…there have to be hardships?

…tattoos and piercings are so popular?

…some people mellow with age while others become grouchy?

…our purpose in life isn’t woven into our DNA?

…every product is no longer cheaper at Walmart?

….people would rather believe a lie than a fact?

…some of the most beautiful things in nature are the most fragile?

…a good Samaritan usually does not have a lot of money?

…football franchises don’t provide financial planners for their players?

…we can’t remember every little detail?

…the electoral college overrides the people’s choice?

…so many men and women love the wrong people?

…we can’t get everything right?

…there are so many disgusting, pathetic reality shows?

…death improves the character and opinions of the deceased?

…are we prone to overindulge?

…can’t we forget bad memories?

…cable channels can get away with cussing and nudity no matter what time of day it is?

…is doing what’s right so difficult for so many?

…no one has come up with a way to correct the addictive part of a person’s brain?

…people would rather be misled than search for the truth?

…pieces of navy blue or black clothing do not always match?

…anyone could doubt there was a superior being/higher power when the wonders of his/her work are all around us in nature, in science, in the universe, and in the extraordinary capabilities of mankind?

…do I use “so” so much?

…is liver-damaging aspartame still being made and used?

…everyone can’t feel good about who they are?

…murderers who commit suicide can’t just skip the murdering?

…cures for cancer and other deadly diseases haven’t been discovered by now?

enough is not finite for some people?

…does everything has to be relative?

…have rudeness, crudeness, disrespect, and indecency become tolerable or acceptable?

…the easiest way is seldom the best way?

…haven’t we been invaded by aliens yet?

…doesn’t it rain at every funeral?

…any “religion” would call for the death of others?

…can’t we take what was/is the best part of every century and culture and blend them into one present/future?

…do I love what I love?

…there are still many societal issues that need to be rectified, changed, or eliminated?

…can’t the United Nations be the most powerful entity on the planet?

…every right-to-lifer doesn’t have a houseful of children?

…is it so difficult to understand or accept others?

…goodness isn’t admired and emulated more?

…cats and dogs don’t care that I’m allergic to them?

…any parent would favor one child over another?

…we ignore what our bodies are trying to tell us?

…a baby’s laugh is so captivating? (baby Micah) (baby Ethan)

(Here is the first  tell-me-why.)


About Cyranette

I have been writing since I was 11 and am now a grandmother of 9. Aside from my family, I love writing, reading, movies, gardening, genealogy, and travel. I met my soulmate online and we've been married 19 years. I am a survivor of rape, abuse, and cancer. I believe in love, kindness, and common sense. I was born/raised in Indiana and have lived in Massachusetts, Texas, and California. I have visited: most of the United States, British Columbia, Germany, Austria, and Costa Rica. My husband and I would like to visit England, Europe, and New Zealand and to take a train ride along the Canadian/American border. I have written essays, articles, short stories, a romance novel, a self-help book, and several children's books.
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One Response to Tell Me Why II

  1. Many of these questions I ask myself every day! Great post 🙂


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