“Identity Theft”

Because of the trailers, we saw “Identity Theft.” Though we expected the plethora of foul words coming out of Melissa McCarthy’s mouth, we hoped for more funny parts than were previewed. There were, and Jason Bateman delivered his enjoyable deadpan humor, but we did not leave the theater laughing…

In a Denver firm, Sandy Patterson (Bateman) is a mild-mannered accountant (Is there any other kind?), who is underpaid and struggling to make ends meet with his expectant wife, Trish (Amanda Peet), and their two kids. When a group of disgruntled colleagues approach Patterson with the news they are quitting to start their own firm and want to pay him five hundred percent more, he goes for it. However, when he stops for some gas on his first day at the new company, his credit card is declined and cut up. Thus begins his wretched victimization of identity theft.

In Florida, with the new Sandy Bigelow Patterson credit cards she created, Diana (McCarthy) is buying stuff left and right and upside down. She is a foul-mouthed, conscienceless orphan who has devised a criminal way to feel good about living. Besides no family, she has no friends.

Meanwhile, Patterson is arrested in Denver for something the Florida Sandy committed. He is released, however, when Det. Reilly (Morris Chestnut) discovers his innocence via a Florida police photo of a female Sandy Bigelow Patterson. Unfortunately, Reilly cannot and will not go down to Florida to arrest her for identity theft. She has to appear in person before him in Denver before he can do anything.

Patterson decides to fetch her himself in order to clear his name and restore his reputation, as well as keep his new job, which he hasn’t had a chance to put any time into. His boss, Daniel Casey (John Cho), cuts him a little slack and gives him one week to get his act together. When he goes home to pack, he finds the cable has been disconnected for non-payment. Can it get any worse? Oh, yeah!

The meeting of the two Pattersons does not go well. She escapes. He refinds her, but some thugs burst into her house, and the two Pattersons narrowly escape. He loses what little money he brought, his wallet, his rental car, and his pants. Disaster after disaster happens, too much for the funny parts to appease…While Patterson eventually gets his life back, bad-in-so-many-ways Diana comes clean in the end but doesn’t change too much…

identity theft

Rating: 2.8 out of 5 stars.

(I feel sorry for McCarthy; she might be typecast now. There was a preview of her and Sandra Bullock in a new film that seemed even more obnoxious, disgusting, and pathetic. We’ll be passing on that one.)


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