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On This Day

On this day, the Christian world rejoices. They sing, pray, praise, and give thanks. They exalt a man/God/prophet who reportedly rose from the dead millennia ago. They love him for his kindness and wisdom, because of his sacrifice on our … Continue reading

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Corn and Whole Wheat Quesadilla

Danny’s restricted diet (no fat, low sodium, low/no sugars, no processed foods, no juice concentrates), following last year’s stroke, has been further limited since his recent heart attack and quadruple bypass. He can have only fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables, fish, chicken, turkey, skim milk, nuts, … Continue reading

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Patience Required

I know I was supposed to resume my blogging today, but… For a week, things were going well on my vacation/hiatus. Then last week Danny had a heart attack. I flew home, his daughter and our grandson flew here, one brother … Continue reading

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Creamy Pork Medallions

When I baked pork chops in those McCormick bags with seasonings, they came out tender and tasty. However, Danny didn’t like the idea of plastic particles going into the meat, so I changed my ways. Although we have sinced learned that … Continue reading

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