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Animal Allergies

A week ago yesterday, I went with my husband to a new client’s home. It was a pleasant spring day, perfect for a drive, and I was glad to get out of the house and away from paperwork and other duties. They … Continue reading

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Allergy Eyes

These are my baby-blues, tinged with pink. They water and itch like crazy. I may not be affected by cedar pollen, but obviously oak pollen is a whole other matter.  (My left eyelid has a thin gold weight in it to keep … Continue reading

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Allergies and Asthma

A house without boxes of nose tissue is a house inhabited by the non-allergic. I have five boxes of tissue throughout my home at all times. My allergies are to most animals, pollens, grass, hay, perfumes, smoke, feathers, dust, soil, angora, cashmere, wool, cilantro, … Continue reading

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Mmmmmm, I love strawberries. Just finished a bowl of Cheerios to which I’d added organic strawberries. I only buy the organic ones, because their soil is not fumigated with methyl bromide. (Any chemical in the soil is absorbed by the … Continue reading

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